Yoshitomi Brothers, Inc. was established early in the 1960’s by four brothers Bob, Ed, Fred, and Kay Yoshitomi. They started by farming land on the banks of the Willamette River near the city of West Linn.

In 1986, Don Kondo, one of the current owners and nephew to the Yoshitomi Brothers, started in the business by building and expanding green houses to better serve a growing market. Each year, new state of the art green houses were built to accommodate market growth. These structures served as a starting point for what is now Yoshitomi Brothers. Over the next twenty years green house fabrication lent itself to an expansion from 20,000 square feet of greenhouse space to 320,000 square feet of usable greenhouse space. At the peak of the season, over 40 green house ranges are in full operation at Yoshitomi Brothers. Each house exists to provide top quality environmental conditions for our plants to grow and perform at their best!